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2022 review

This post is to help me reflect on my year 2022. I feel like the end of a year is always a special moment when you start reflecting without planning. Spotify and other apps, with their year reviews, are already promoting a very intuitive way to recap some of your performances. However, I never really rap on my goals, and I want to briefly take a moment to go over the things that matter to me.

This year I ran more than ever before. I do not have any exact statistics on previous years, but I would assume that I would usually run something around 780km (5k x 3 times per week) based on my typical running habit. This year I tracked my running more meticulously (I used a Garmin watch to track my actual progress) and netted out at 2,099km, roughly 40km a week. I am very proud of this milestone and really happy that I managed to push my running to another level. What changed for me? I listened to some motivational podcasts and discovered that long-distance running is recreational for me. I am no longer chasing after the faster times but instead trying to chill and just get my km in.

I was able to keep my Duolingo streak for another whole year. Today, I have an 879-day streak on Duolingo, which is very motivating. However, I do very little more than 1 exercise most days. Nevertheless, it helps me to keep in touch with my classes and train my vocabulary.

My little side project is writing blog articles. I published 6 posts this year, which was quite a step up for me. I am still trying to define what I want to write about but my blog helps me to reflect on topics and share my opinion. So I am overall happy that I got to write some more for it.

In my private journal, I wrote 102 pages this year (vs 101 pages in 2021). There were years where I wrote more, but this is usually a place where I just try to reflect on my thoughts, and try to structure my thoughts so I am not trying to increase my page count.

I read 17 books last year, which is something I am happy about, but at the same time, I think I could make more time for reading. Btw of those 17, there were two audiobooks so not all count really for a finished book.

In 2023, one of my main resolutions for this year is to stick to my basics (reading, running, writing) and get some more hours in here. In particular, to also not lose track, as I have struggled and changed my objectives during the past year, which does not help to track against your goals.