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Differences in party culture

Being a German, I grew up in a culture where emotions belong in a journal. Maybe it's because of the wheater; Russians are also known not to be too open about their feelings. Maybe being cold is meant literally: it's too cold for that shit; cry quietly, please. Brazilian culture is very different. Brazil has a hot climate, people show their emotions, and Brazilians are positive & friendly. Not everybody, and not all the time, but you can feel a difference in the grand scheme of things.

Brazilian parties stand out because of the musical culture. There are so many Brazilian songs that everyone in the country knows by heart. The songs are part of their identity. Where every carnival they are reinforced as a cultural heritage that needs to be cherished. And they are celebrated and cherished by dancing and singing. It's like when you have a song everyone in the country knows, and you grew up with it, and everyone can sing it, you get a crazy energy that everyone in the audience is part of. In Brazilian culture, the amount of these cultural heritage songs can fill an entire day. So everyone immediately dances and celebrates because everyone connects deeply to the music. And this strong relationship with music created a culture where you have an absurd amount (by German standards) of live music. So even in a relatively small City like Zurich, you find excellent Brazilian bands put together by a small population of immigrants.

When you get this mix of live and culturally loaded music, you create an atmosphere where the audience becomes a part of the performance, and it's like an incredible feeling where everyone is just fully immersed in the moment. It's like everyone dances with an intense purpose that is hard to find.

You have plenty of parties where you dance the whole night in Germany, too, and the right music sets you up to be very engaged. However, this connectedness and interaction with the artists and the music is just a unique sensation I did not experience before.