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Tl;dr Ease of use and low maintenance make for a faster and less stressful blogging experience (for readers and writers). Javascript fatigue is real.

The longer I worked with technology the more I learned to appreciate pragmatic and long lasting solutions.

My previous blog system might have looked nicer and was build with a fancier frontend technology. However, whenever I wanted to change a text I had to jump through many hoops to get smaller changes in. In addition to that, I knew that this fancy React, Netlify, Github, yada yada yada construct would only wait for some dependency to fail to then send me down a never-ending rabbit whole.

I previously stumbled across bear blog through hackernews, and really appreciated the concept. Bear is very appealing to me as it just ticks all the fundamental boxes for a blog.

My migration project took about 1.5hrs because my previous blog was already written in markdown. Therefore, I just had to copy paste, adjust the meta descriptions and upload my images.

Its clean, very low maintenance, and especially fast.