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My top books of 2022

I really enjoyed reading everything from Benedict Wells, he is a German author who published around 4 books. His books were highly entertaining and I really liked how his characters developed and progressed through the stories. Unfortunately, only one of his books was translated thus far. I gifted my whole family a bunch of his books.

Another book that I am still reading which really left an impression on me was "Born a crime" by Trevor Noah. To be honest, I didn't expect to like this book because Noah is a very famous American moderator and probably most famous for his hosting of "The Daily Show". However, story about growing up under the Apartheid in South Africa left a strong impression on me.

A book that motivated me and helped me to elevate my running (at least my ambitions) was "Can't hurt me" by David Goggins. The book shares the life story of an ultra-endurance athlete who shares his philosophy on suffering and discipline. Highly recommend as an audiobook for long runs.

Lastly, a very informative book that really helped to better understand the problem of climate change was Bill Gate's "How to avoid a climate disaster". The core of this books is a framework that helps to evaluate solutions and how they help overcome climate change.